Welcome to the creative website of Firas OtaBachi.
FIRAS (Pronounced Fe-Raas) means lion or hunter, while OTABACHI means chief or master in middle-eastern culture.
Firas is an experienced, talented, integrated creative communication professional, a designer, illustrator, artist, and creative director, from concept to completion.
They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", the truth is that people have different perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures, state of mind, perceptions of a visual printed in their minds already, what makes them sometimes see different things even when they're looking at the same art at the same time. There comes the role of the designer, the creative marketing communication professional, who designs the way the audience receives that visual, he helps his client deliver the message and engage the audience with the creative perfectly as planned, helps them enjoy being creative by communicating creatively with them, and eventually they all will receive the same message and SEE ART THE SAME WAY!.
His diverse background, skills, and experiences he made through traveling the world, trying many cultures, standards, arts, and tastes, create for many different audiences and mindsets.
Learned from the gurus, the classic advertising at global network agencies, challenging the white page with WPP, thinking creative business ideas with HAVAS, breaking the rules and creating disruptive ads with TBWA.
For years he's been developing original creative for world's top brands and high profile clients, and startups of various industries, what made him up for different types of creative challenges.
Mission Published
Firas has a creative portfolio of published online & offline works; genuine ideas and high-end engaging visuals, life-changing integrated and interactive advertising and branding campaigns, in all forms of communication mediums, TV & videos, radio, print, outdoor, digital and websites, mobile apps, social media marketing, collateral, brand identities, and lots of other creative mediums in the United States, overseas, and all over the web.
Draw FOR freedom
He's a natural-born hand-drawing artist, was born to a family of an architect/interior-designer father and a fine-artist mother, he started drawing in his childhood, late 90s he started drawing and publishing editorial and political cartoons in magazines, and exhibitions as an independent drawing and cartoon artist, until he joined ad-agencies and started marketing communication journey in 2003, he started drawing for advertising.
Designed.. Sold!
Firas enjoys creating original graphics for print and digital, drawings & illustrations, photography and image tailoring. He engages his audience by turning static visuals into interactive using designing skills for the web and their handheld devices, and when static graphics need to get in motion, he creates animations, he edits videos and audios. Eventually, all have to be dressed up with a designed impressive presentation to buckle up and sell the proposal.
Firas studied graphic arts, and he holds a BA in business & economics too, helps him come up with original award-winning effective marketing ideas, and create stunning, hi-end, and self-selling art...!
Suit & TIE
In terms of project management skills, working for years in senior creative and management positions, what made skills like leadership, time and resources management, planning, prioritizing, and organizing, communication, follow-up, charts, sales, and figures, all have become naturally part of Firas's day.
Firas was trained throughout the years to work solo or within a team, to inspire, tutor, spread positive energy, plan to ensure efficient work-flow using appropriate resources, delegation and direction.
Recently creating and managing content for Social Media, presentation design and whiteboard drawing, have also become on his skills list.
Firas can find his way through operating systems, business structures, and environments, from Mac to Windows, from ad agencies to a small creative studios, and from traditional hierarchy environment to flat organizations.
Firas is based in Washington D.C. helping his clients in the U.S., besides his clients the Middle-East and all around the world as well, he has a sophisticated background of different cultures, growing up in different areas helped him not only in speaking different languages, it also help him see the world, his clients, and their audience from different perspectives, and eventually helped to deeply understand their needs, and provide authentic and original outstanding creative.
Passion and Obsession
Firas loves to inspire, to communicate creatively with the world, he’s a self-challenger, addicted to exploration, art is his passion, smart audience are his destination, happy client is his mission, and powerful communication is his obsession, always believed" IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU SAY SO! ".
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