Client: Liberty University, Professor Rachel Dugan
Location: Virginia, USA
Project: Final Project, Advanced Typography
Title: Arabian Spirit, Quotes from the Middle East: Typeface and Initials design
Year: 2020
Work: A-Z concept to completion. Including: Research, typography, type design, font design, hand sketching, hand lettering, hand calligraphy, Calligraphy, calligrafitti, iconography, initials/drop-caps design, graphic style system, posters, video motion design, research, storytelling, process book design, social media graphics.

The project was accomplished in 8 weeks. It went through multiple phases and tasks. Using variable art skills and accumulative experiences throughout the years having a mixture of both backgrounds, living in the west and growing up in the Middle East.

What comes to your mind first when you imagine an ancient Arabian theme? Aladdin, a nomad Arab, a camel train walking Arabian desert, or a belly-dancer. Well, Arabs are way more than that!

For interesting facts and historical research about the Middle eastern origin of the ABC Latin and Roman alphabets, references, and design process, read through.

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