Client: Liberty University, Professor Tim Isaacson, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Project: Final Project of the Digital Photography Course, Master's of Visual Communication Design.
The Challenge:
It was to create a slideshow movie using thematic still edited photography, using advanced photography techniques like exposure, depth and motion, dramatic light and good compositions, dramatic portraits, landscapes, and still-life photography, infused with related background music tracks, and appropriate transitions. That should tell a great overall story and convey an engaging show.
Story-line, Photography, Photo Edit, Motion Graphics, & Sound Edit by: Firas Ota Bachi 
Equipment & Tools:
Camera used: Canon EOS Rebel T7.
Software used: Adobe Premier Pro (Motion Graphics), Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw (Photo edit), Adobe Photoshop (Minimal local adjustments),
Talent in order of appearance: Firas OtaBachi Self, Adam OtaBachi Baby, Dima Kazkji OtaBachi Mother, Justin Yazan OtaBachi Boy, Mickey Dog, Lana OtaBachi Girl.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to my wife Dima, and to my kids, Lana, Justin, Jenna, and baby Adam, and my beloved dog Mickey
-Professor Tim Isaacson, Digital Photography ARTS561, Class of Fall 2022, Master of Visual Communication Design program , Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
Music soundtracks: "Path of light" Danil Shostak
"The beat of nature" Olexy
“Indie folk” AlexiAction “Forest lullaby” Oleksii Kaplunskyi

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