Client: Liberty University, Professor: Brianna O'Neal
Master of Visual Communication Design
Course: Art532
Work:  A to Z, Concept, Research, Sketch, Vector Illustration, Presentation
Year: 2021
1- Concept & Sketch: Good vs Evil
Chosen Typefaces, Inspiration, Brainstorming, and Initial Thoughts
The typeface I have chosen was Hilvetica, for some letters, I used Baskerville like letter P because I wanted the serifs to be part of my concept in those particular drawings. In my sketches I made a theme themed I called it “Good vs Evil”.
Sketches of Evil
For the "Evil" theme, some sketches were of with double concepts like the Vulture and Voodoo, and another V for Vampire and Vlad Dracula, E for Envying and Evil Eye, and S for Snake and Scar.

Sketches of Good
The "Good" theme had a few letters and words, like Pray, a composition of hands prying in different religions forming letter P, G for Give with a hand giving love, L for Love and Lilis, and J for Joy and Jump with a guy jumping in the pool.
Not too Good, Not Too Bad!
Finally the last two words were controversy, Spicy and Rock, which both are my favorite, some think they're good some think they're bad!. For the sketch of Spicy with a guy eating chilies and the Rocker jamming on his guitar

Final concept and sketching
Obviously, I thought of the Rocker jamming on his guitar as one of the good ones, and I picked him for my final illustration! Well, no big reason but I love rock music, guitars, rock styles, and outfit, and I also thought the angle of the guy bending down and his hair swooshing to form the bowl of the letter R will be cool, and the details of the guitar will be cool too, while the guy's leg is the letter's leg will all be very interesting.
2- Vector Illustration Process
Process shows below on the left the initial coloring, tracing, illustrating, and color palette that I picked, where I also kept my original sketch as a base layer under my illustration, and I'm showing the vector illustration outline view (Command+Y) on the right.
3- Final Vector Illustration:

For how my final illustration conceptually represents my chosen letter form: I used the letter R to show a guitarist rocking, his hair is forming the bowl of the R, his legs for R’s legs, and his guitar is the stroke. In my initial sketch–even the tiny little scribble– that I thought of a funky, comic style for my illustration, I used mild shadows and lighting, feather, and Gaussian blur effects, basically for the color palette I used vivid colors included teal, aqua, violet, purple, gray for the blacks, pale blues, orange, and red.

The most difficult thing was to decide where to stop, at which level of detailing, whether it was in the sketching phase, or the illustration phase. I was confusion to me because the deadline was main factor that determines how much details I can add to my illustration. I learned this week that every illustration can be either fine-detailed, or just flat and simple. So in my next illustrations I need to complete a part of my illustration first in two style, in order to decide what do I want for my drawing
I made a mock up for the art as a sticker decal.
Firas Ota Bachi © 2021

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