Client: Hanna Alawaad (Novel Writer)
Project: Novel Cover Design
Novel Name: "Fabric of Wishes, for a Time Will Only Return as Memories"
(name in Arabic: Naseej Omniyat, Lizaman Lan Yaoud Illa Thikrayat...)
Work: A-Z: Concept, Design, Illustration, Rationale and Presentation
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Pen Tablet
Firas Ota Bachi@ October 2018
Concept 1:
Frame of Wishes

Wishes of the past become memories woven into a complex system carefully designed, in a very particular form, that won't be found in two people, when someone enters you into the fabric of his own memories, you're inevitably within the frame of his attention.
Book Cover
Concept 2:
Ashes of Memories

The beautiful past, we feared it would go and not come back, we tried to immortalize it in pictures on paper, in frames, in albums and on the wall, we wished that it would come back.
We never realized that they were things that were not fireproof, neither the wall is insulating, nor the human is bulletproof.
Book Cover
Concept 3:
Shadows of The Past

When the past goes into oblivion, it becomes a stranger who we may not recognize,
we wished someday he would never leave. Today we look back at his pictures as if we see him for the first time, we may like or reject it at all.
Book Cover
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