Project: Character Design
Title: The Wolf of Moonsville
Client: Liberty University, Prof. Cockrell.
Location: Virginia, USA
Year: 2022
Work: A-Z; Character design from concept to completion. Phases included:
         PHASE 1- Concept; Story synopsis, visual appearance, building character profiles,          personality and behaviors.
         PHASE 2- Design process for each character including: Silhouettes, roughs,                   selection of facial features, action and turn-around sheets and facial expression          sheets.
         PHASE 3- Final Color Models Colored outfit selection, color selection process, and          final colors models of the three characters.
         PHASE 4- Full Color Character Lineup & Group Action Scene.
         PHASE 5- Script; Using Celtx platform.
         PHASE 6- Storyboard; 7 pages of 42 key-frames reflecting the same script.

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